Unschooling and the Portfolio Process

How do I document our progress if we unschool? This is a question I get frequently.  "Unschooling is a style of home education that allows the student’s interests and curiosities to drive the path of learning. Rather than using a defined curriculum, unschoolers trust children to gain knowledge organically." - Time4Learning . For unschooling parents, the process may seem daunting to quantify the learning experiences of their unschooled child. A digital portfolio would best lend itself to show unschooling progress as many of the activities are documented through pictures and videos of everyday play and exploration out in nature. I would recommend you keep receipts from museum visits, train tickets, souvenirs from your smoky mountain vacation. Briefly summarize any beach excursions or homeschool playdates - how did they work together ? What skills did they work on? Document sports or dance lessons through the activity log. Keep brochures from tours. Recital videos for piano or voice students. Cooking lessons and budgeting for dinner can be recorded through images. Library receipts for your book lists. Use Instagram Stories for documentation of gameschooling. Think about your portfolio as a scrapbook of your child's year and keep that scrapbook either in a binder or, better fit for this type of homeschooling, a digital file through a blog, Instagram, Facebook group or GoogleDrive. Call, text or message if you'd like to set up a portfolio evaluation for your child!


Eason, M.ED.

Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations

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